How To Do Los Cabos

How To Do Los Cabos 2016 is a three-day tour through the beautiful and wave rich region of Los Cabos, Mexico from Todos Santos to Cabo San Lucas. This year we invited professional surfers, Tia Blanco and Colt Ward along with our host, Chris Coté to enjoy a quick, but fun-filled trip to some incredible destinations in Cabo!  

Los Cabos has been a favorite destination for travelling surfers since the early 70s. With an endless variety of waves to choose from as well as plenty of extracurricular activities for out-of-water fun, Los Cabos is the go to trip for surfers in need of a quick weekend getaway or an extended soul surf mission. Just a short flight from Southern California, the Los Cabos region is known for it’s great year-round weather, warm clean water, inviting local culture and cuisine, world class fishing, incredible resorts, and of course, epic surf. With South Swell season coming in hot, and with Mexico’s biggest surf event, the Los Cabos Open Of Surf Women’s QS6000 and WSL Men’s and Women’s Pro Jr happening June 7-12, it’s a perfect time to plan your trip to the tip, the tip of Baja that is.


How To Do Los Cabos 2016 With Tia Blanco, Colt Ward, and Chris Coté: 

Part 1:


Part 2: